6 interior design trends that are timeless

White Cabinets

Underneath the spectrum of brightly coloured contemporary cabinets and traditional rich wood cabinets, white still remains the most timeless and continuously fashionable colour to choose for your cabinetry. Whether you choose a flat panel, shaker style or arched raised panel, white will always look good. Depending on what style you pair with your cabinets, white can go from looking totally contemporary to beautifully vintage.

You’ll see coloured cabinets go in and out of style. In 2015 we saw a lot of navy blue, grey and even yellow cabinets. Though many of those colours are still relevant today, you will see them fade out of the design world in the next 5 years. Even some wooden choices have become outdated such as honey or pickled oak, causing homeowners to slap paint over these solid wood once-upon-a-times.

But white is here to stay. We saw it 50 years ago and we’ll see it for another 50 years. It helps to accent the colours that you want to see and it also helps to mute colours that you don’t (such as white appliances). So if you’re thinking about installing a new kitchen but are having trouble deciding on a cabinet colour, why not go simple and plain? Avoid the fear of making the wrong decision.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Since we’re on the topic of kitchens, I want to mention stainless steel on my list of things that will never go out of style… at least not for a long time. We’ve seen retro coloured, white, black, stainless, and the newest addition of slate in the appliance world. Many of these still look great in a lot of kitchens, especially when custom coloured to the cabinetry. However for the majority of us who are just looking for an appliance update to our already existing kitchens, stainless steel tends to be the most approachable selection.

White appliances, though the most affordable, have grown to appear outdated no matter how new they are. Not vintage though, like the newer line of retro coloured appliances that are on the market, which look great in a select few types of kitchen designs (country cottage, vintage, nautical). And black appliances generally look like giant black holes in a kitchen (unless you’re accenting with lots of black to balance). But stainless steel goes with every colour of cabinetry and always look sharp. The new slate looks great too but can be more expensive than stainless. With stainless, you match affordability with stylishness and it’s a great way to spice up an older kitchen with immediate results and little effort.

Vintage Pieces

What I’ve noticed from helping people decorate their home is that they really want the room to look less bland and have a bit of a pop without compromising timeless trends. So I’ve asked to rummage through their storage units to utilize furniture that they might already have but have forgotten about over the years. Then I see it, an old steamer trunk or rustic oak dresser with the antique handles still intact; precisely the thing they needed in the space to add that blast of energy.

It’s obvious why vintage pieces are timeless… I mean, they’re hundreds of years old. It doesn’t get more timeless than that in the sense that they are still relevant today. In a traditional, modern, contemporary, chic or country setting, an old antique piece or two of furniture can add that picturesque burst of life to an otherwise dull and uninterrupted style pattern.

My favourites have always been old trunks used as coffee tables or end tables. My mother, a designer for the last 30 years, has always gravitated towards antique columns. Pinterest is flooded with hundreds of ways to reuse vintage furniture around your home.


For the last 20 or so years and until recently, everyone forgot about marble. Now it’s everywhere. And cheaper alternatives are being made so the average person can afford the appearance of marble without forking over the cost.

But you know who didn’t forget about marble? The people who had it in their homes before the craze subsided. And guess what? It always looked good and still looks good. Real marble is a beautiful, elegant and timeless. It will never go out of style because it will always appear as natural and simple to the eye as a flourishing plant, even if the marble obsession dwindles again.

Gallery Art

A wall or section of a wall covered in frames of different shapes and sizes will always look good as a focal point of a room, no matter what year we’re in. Why? Because art and photography never go out of style. Sure, they can appear to be outdated and bland but typically it’s because it doesn’t suit the space or simply needs an updated frame.

Gallery art is taking pieces of artwork, photos and words and creating your own visual constellation. It’s taking everything that means something to you on paper and showing the world who you are on a wall of frames. It’s really easy to go and will always look great above a piano, sofa, desk or staircase. And if something doesn’t scream “relevant” to you, you just switch it out with a new image.

Eye Catching Lighting

You will never walk into a house and think “ugh, I wish they had put a pot light above their table instead of a chandelier.” That doesn’t happen. Decorative lighting will always be a focal point in a room as it is both a piece of art and has a practical use. Whether it is a vintage lamp or a 3 tier chandelier, decorative lighting, like art, will always compliment or accent a room. And nowadays there are so many to choose from, the possibilities to be unique and really be creative are endless.

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