The Nordic Trend

I thought I would switch things up this week and talk about something I’ve been noticing a lot on Pinterest and Instagram lately. You might have noticed it too. There are tons of popular Instagramers out there posting photos of their kids and family happily living in their all-too perfect looking homes. And something that all of these photos have in common is this very distinct yet unique look of purity, comfort and intimacy. This trend is a mixture of a few different styles but they are all based around the same inspiration: Nordic/Scandinavian.

White neutral walls, light wooden floors, natural wooden furniture, and vintage accessories… Now this is a trend that I can get behind. I’ve seen a lot of new styles popping up ranging from the simple and contemporary Minimalist to the vibrant and exciting Bohemian, but there is something so mild and natural about the Nordic style that I just can’t seem to forget about… and apparently neither can the rest of Instagram followers. Posters such as Homeiswherethehartis and Burtsbrisplease have nailed the stylish design and have created a significant number of followers envying the frequent posts of their home decor and their blissful families living throughout the space.

If you were thinking about updating your home with the Nordic-look, here are some suggestions that I’ve compiled while creeping through Instagram and Pinterest…

Light wooden floors are huge. Either a natural pine or hardwood, or even painted floors if your floors need a bit of an update without emptying your wallet.

White wash the walls with warm whites, greys and taupes. The goal is to create a room that appears extremely bright. The more windows, the better. However painting the walls a light colour will help drastically. Wallpaper will be your friend too because not every wall should be plain Jane. A simple vintage grey or blue pattern on an accent wall will do wonders to spice up the room if you find it a little dull. It will also give the house a little more character and charm, as if it’s been lived in happily for many years.

Wood, wood and more wood. Natural and light preferably, such as maple, pine, ash and birch. Accent with some dark pieces too such as walnut or rosewood. Fill your walls with thick wooden shelves, buy (or build!) a big wooden table or kitchen island, and accent with natural wooden pieces around the home. Don’t cancel out white and grey furniture though!

Wainscoting? Bead board? Great! Paint them white. Old Parquet floors? Awesome! Just paint them or sand them down. This is what I love about this style so much… The older the house, the more character it will have – which will ultimately create the comfortable, lived-in look that the Nordic style fashions.

Don’t go crazy with accessories either. A few rustic lamps and lanterns as well as lots of books will complement the style. Keep your shelves decorated with chic and vintage looking décor and minimalist retro or natural looking artwork on the walls.

And finally, furniture! Scandinavians use very functional, liveable furniture while maintaining a simple look. Contemporary and retro furniture would look great with the multitude of whites and natural woods.

There are many different styles out there to choose from and you certainly don’t have to settle with just one! Mix things up and make it your own… after all, we all want our homes to reflect who we are and how we live.

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