Colour & a few things you probably didn't know

What a week! If you’re settling somewhere around the Lanark County area, you might have noticed the awful white snow covering our beautiful greening grass on Tuesday. Normally you wouldn’t ever catch me dissing white, but in this case I just couldn’t give it any love. But hey, that’s Canada for you! And I guess we have to deal with those little sacrifices to experience the rest of this amazing country.

White is definitely one of my favourite colours to work with. My entire house is caked in white, mixed browns and grey. If you look around your room and see similar colours, there is actually a great explanation for it. In nature, we are surrounded by neutral colours and greens which tends to be the reason that we unconsciously choose natural colours for inside our home. Blue is another great environmental colour that isn’t used as frequently in its brightest intensity, but can create a very calm effect.

A little known fact to those who didn’t pursue some sort of design profession is that there is actually a psychology behind colour. The colours we choose for our home or office can play a huge part in how we feel when we are in a space. For example, taupe and neutrals can create a very calm and balanced atmosphere. On another scale, reds can create excitement in our minds and often are an unfamiliar cause for high blood pressure.

Here is a list of colours and their possible effects towards us:

  • Taupe/Grey/Brown/White – PRO: calm, balanced. CON: bored (if not applied correctly).

  • Green – PRO: rested, peaceful, rejuvenated, stable. CON: there really aren’t any. Green rocks!

  • Blue – PRO: calm, tranquil, comfortable, refreshed, strong, sophisticated. CON: cold, depressed.

  • Yellow – PRO: happy, cheerful, positive. CON: anxiousness (and jaundice when used in bathrooms).

  • Orange – PRO: youthful, cheerful. CON: youthful, frustrated.

  • Red – PRO: energized, courageous. CON: aggression.

As you can see, there are always negatives and positives in the details we choose. The most important thing is to choose colours that represent how you want to feel in that room and to stay away from the emotions that you try to avoid on a daily basis. For instance, I could never use yellow in my house because I can be an anxious person. I prefer neutral colours because I prefer to keep my mind calm when I come home from a busy day at work. Everyone is different! Just like furniture and space, it is a matter of choosing colours that have purpose for you, your lifestyle and the atmosphere of that particular room.

Some of you might be thinking “I want red but I don’t want to feel aggravated. I’d rather have red but feel calm at the same time.” That is where hues come in handy. Go to the paint swatches and choose 3 different greys. Put them beside each other in the day light. You might notice that one may be more pinkish, one might seem greener and the other might have a hint of blue. That is because often there is a hue of colour added to the neutral colours that you can’t necessarily catch with a blind eye. Choosing a grey with a hint of red will give you that red undertone you wanted with the calmness of a neutral. Then you can accessorize the room with bright red cushions and artwork to accent the red in the walls without creating too much unease.

Then again, who am I to tell you what to do?! You love red, paint that room bright red!! What is comes down to is whatever makes YOU happy :) Not everyone reacts the same to colours.

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