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Hi there! You’ve come to this website because you’re either looking for design help, or you’re a curious local itching to see what new thing is happening in our home town. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Whether or not you’re looking for help, I think that this blog and the many to come will be beneficial towards a happy and healthy living environment. At Senecal Design Group, we don’t just find what is “new and now” and throw together ideas for your home based on someone else’s wants and needs. We assess each individual client and help them establish who they are and what they require in order to feel comfortable in their own home or business. We strive to create designs that reflect each client’s needs and wants based on their lifestyle and emotional psychology. Design is both art and science

In today’s world, it might not be within your budget to hire a designer and we understand that. You want the result a designer can give you with the cost of doing it yourself, and frankly, sometimes you just need a little bit of help. But do not fret! We have come up with a cost effective alternative to hiring a designer and doing your own DIY (with a little bit of help of course). It’s called our “Virtual Transformation” project, where you do the interior design or redecorating yourself after we’ve put together a 3D drawing of your room(s) with the changes to help you see the possibilities. And all for a low cost starting at just $99 per room.

But enough with the self-advertising, that is not really why you’ve come here. You want to learn about interior design and what you can do yourself to make your home more…well, you. You’ve got a super contemporary turquoise blue coffee table, grandma’s oak buffet hutch from the 40’s and somehow you managed to throw a taxidermy buck head in there. And yet, you’re an adventurous thrill seeker with a closet obsession with reading classic novels in your free time and your favourite colour is green. How do you combine all these ideas? How do you change what you have to reflect who you are? Where do you start and what colours do you choose to create a space that reflects your style and emotions

The reality is that not all projects can be DIY. In today’s world, Do-it-yourself has become a leading buzz word to define style or home repairs for the purpose of paying less and developing your own creative component. But the truth is that sometimes you will envision something great in your head and once you really roll up your sleeves to get it started, you realize that you don’t completely know what you’re doing or it doesn’t turn out the way you imagined. That is why designers are here. We use our expertise and knowledge to do it right the first time and create an everlasting result.

Keep reading our weekly blogs and stay tuned for more valuable tips and tricks on how to redesign your space the right way. In the future, we will discuss everything from the Basics of Design including Purpose and Style, right to Balance, Flooring, Furniture and Layouts, Different Styles, Repurposing Furniture, Tiny Homes, and etc. Like I said, sometimes we all need a little bit of professional help. But with the current economy, most of us can’t afford to pay for it. Hopefully our blogs will help you get a better understanding of interior design so that you can take that information you’ve read and apply it to your own home.

But for now, stay tuned! Your comfortable and stylish home/workplace awaits you.

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