About Our Studio

Senecal Ennis Designs, formally Senecal Design Group, was founded in 1985 on a contract basis and launched while gaining experience through full time employment in various design and display positions… into a full design based business in 1990.


Our office is located in Perth, Ontario and services all surrounding areas including Ottawa Valley and the Kingston Districts. We work with many talented professionals, trades people and manufacturing companies to provide the latest, the best and the practical with Attention to Detail as our main focus. 


Senecal Ennis Designs is a multifaceted studio which offers a strong sense of diversity within the marketplace. Our contacts range from Commercial Interior Design, Residential Interior Design & Decorating, Graphic Design, Virtual Transformations, Licensed Product Designs and 3 Dimensional Design.




Genevieve is a local artist/designer who founded Senecal Design Group (now Senecal Ennis Designs) in 1985. With her education in graphic design and architecture, Genevieve, better known as Genny, has over 25 years’ experience in many design fields including interior design, graphic design, 3D models, architecture and trompe-l’oeil.


Throughout her career as a designer, Genny has achieved a great reputation not only as a knowledgeable and creative interior designer, but also as a contractor to build many models for businesses across Canada (including one which marketed internationally in relief for flood victims, as well as Perth’s Crystal Palace). She was also designer and editor of “Beyond the Reflections,” a very successful local magazine that focused on home décor ideas and interior design tips while marketing local businesses.


From mural painting in private homes and retail locations, to prop design and implementation in display Windows (Kehoe’s Pharmacy) to a complete launch of new businesses with promotional materials, Genevieve has opened up a whole new class of design – a true one-stop-shop for all your project needs.




Tiffany was also born and raised in Perth, Ontario and is very passionate about creating unique designs. She brings her expertise and experience in web design, graphic design and modern interior décor to Senecal Ennis Designs.


Along with her education in English, Film, and Scriptwriting, Tiffany also has gained unmatched experience in many different fields including real estate, marketing, advertising and management  but her true passion always has been in writing and design. She uses the knowledge that she’s gained over the years to not only create effective marketing and advertising campaign ideas for businesses, but also original interior design conceptualizations. Tiffany brings a keen, modern punch to the design world both visually and spatially, specializing in 3 dimensional design and graphic design.


Graphic design is certainly one of Tiffany's strongest skills. From wedding invitations to logos and business stationary, she can design for you exactly what you want at a very competitive price - all online and without having to leave your computer chair (a.k.a. the best way to do things).

Also, check out her blog: Decorating and Coffee for design tips!